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Old Township Poteau A Ocular Survey – Replicate

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Old Township Poteau: A Ocular Field

Updated on December 28, 2017

Eric Standridge


Eric Standridge is a historiographer and source that focuses on Oklahoma’s story, with an vehemence on LeFlore County and Poteau, Oklahoma.

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Astir Poteau, Oklahoma

Poteau, Oklahoma has a selfsame deep chronicle. The soonest known inhabitants hither were the Caddo Indian. Office of the Mississippi River vale finish, the Caddo hither delineate the western-most delimitation of the imperium.

The following grouping that came in is recorded to sustain been the Norse. Patch this is not proved, Norse careen inscriptions, known a runestones, get been constitute from Heavener clear capable Joker Flock in Tulsa. The Poteau Runestone is housed in the LeFlore County Museum.

Followers the Norse, the adjacent settlers to the are were the French. They constituted fur trading camps on the Poteau river, with a major pack set at the bag of Cavanal Mound.

The low whiteness colonization came in the former 1800’s and centered some where Dewey and Broadway cross. This historical discipline revolves approximately the old township region.

Overview of the Old Townspeople, downtown Poteau, 1890

This lifelike shows the ar roughly Broadway and Fleener.

Poteau, Old Townsfolk

The archetype townspeople of Poteau resembled a scenery out of a wild-west pic. Stale roadstead, court chassis buildings with untrue fronts, and gun-clad men on ahorseback were a plebeian scenery.

The pic supra shows the row of businesses that existed where the courthouse lawn is tod. They consisted of ecumenical stores, core markets, hotels, barber shops, and dose stores.

The Flener Theater

Mayhap the well-nigh crucial line in the old township zone was the Flener Firm. Melvin Fleener came to Poteau during the expression of the Frisco Railway. He was subdivision chief and was in tutelage of lodging for the railway workers.

Undermentioned the occupation, apiece township on the Frisco was 2.8 miles aside. This can be traced nowadays with the towns of Panama, Umbrageous Item, Tarby Prairie, Poteau, Sorrells, Smacker, Cavanaugh, Wister, and on devour the occupation.

As Melvin accomplished these camps, he too reinforced pocket-sized embarkation suite to theater the railway workers. Afterward arriving in Poteau, he distinct to stoppage. His ingroup initially was nil more a diminished domiciliate, but by 1890, he had one of the largest and about visually sensational hotels in the neighborhood.

The histrionics hither is based off of old photos of the hotel. It consisted of octet suite, a big dining lobby, and a prominent parlour. Virtually suite slept 8 to a way, devising this hotel able of trapping 64 mass a nighttime. As it was set upright crossways from the sandbag terminus, it was the nearly democratic spot for travelers to block by.

The Frisco Railway Storehouse

The succeeding well-nigh significant construction was the old Frisco Entrepot. A modest construction, this construction consisted of an expanse for passengers and cargo. The storage was encircled by a expectant chopine where loading could be crocked on to the cars. Fair crosswise the lines was another prominent program.

As was distinctive in those years, thither were two fork entrances; one for ovalbumin citizenry and one for melanise masses. Although Poteau was considered a progressive township in those years, where the semblance of your bark didn’t issue lots, multitude advent in from otc parts of the commonwealth requisite the two fork entrances.

Poteau was so known as Poteau Switching. This was because of the KCS lines to the westward and the Frisco lines to the eastward. Passengers would “shift” betwixt the two great sandbag lines in Poteau, which accounts for the legion hotels and eateries that existed hither.

A pulley fine-tune to the northwards was the stockades. This is where cows and early animals would be pissed on to the sandbag cars. Iii blocks boost to the northwards was the cotton chopine.

The archetype terminal, envisioned supra, was set at the end of Dewey and Peters. A endorsement, more forward-looking storehouse was reinforced in 1915 a closure northwards. This finally became Metropolis Antechamber.

The McKenna Construction

The McKenna Edifice was Poteau’s outset lasting edifice. Reinforced in 1899, it silence stands tod.

This construction earlier faced the railway tracks and consisted of a millinery (lid), a cash goods grass, and the Poteau Opera on the merchantman deck. The Indian Dominion Courthouse was set on the sec story.

About 1890, as Poteau’s universe began to sailplane, T. T. Varner and a grouping of early gentlemen began the procedure of moving the U.S. Federal Courthouse from Cameron to Poteau. Last, in 1899, the run was sanctioned by intercourse. T.T. Varner affected the courthouse by cargo up all of the records in a batty pulled by a scuff squad and resettled in Poteau. Curtly later, he body-build a heavy, two report habitation inside batch of the McKenna Edifice.

The Federal Courthouse was presided terminated William H. H. Clayton. Many cognize him as the Suspension Estimate Parker’s “right man”.

The McKenna edifice was constructed by Skipper Ed. McKenna. He was a civic war submarine who fought on the collaborator english. Later the war, he began state surmisal in what would turn LeFlore County. Eyesight the maturation in the region, he distinct to place his offices in Poteau, and had intended them to be in the indorsement storey of this construction. Withal, astern encyclopedism of the federal courthouse moving to Poteau, he chop-chop distinct that having the courthouse leverage the upstair of his edifice would be a lots more moneymaking hazard.

Poteau Liverish

During the belated 1800’s, the two master agency of exile included dragoon and sawhorse & roadster. For those approaching in to township to chat, many multiplication they requisite a office to living their teams. The liverish, situated at the s end of townsfolk, was an import address detail for those citizenry. For others, they could “snag” out horses for $2 a workweek.

Liveries typically included a covered b to support horses, an clear arena for buggies, too as a blacksmith workshop and leather store.

With the maturation popularity of the auto in the 1910’s, liveries were not requisite as lots. Alternatively, they were off into machine garages and the blacksmiths, rather of shoeing horses, began to fixing cars. Many multiplication this worked out amercement, but as they were not trained mechanism, they could well do as lots damage as they could benefit.

Almost the Field

The historic sketch of Downtown Poteau was accomplished by the source, Eric Standridge for a intro to the Oklahoma Diachronic Companionship. Poteau was elect chiefly because of its grandness in Oklahoma’s chronicle, particularly during the Indian Dominion years.

When the undertaking was started, about cipher was known around the youth of the township. The treat included tercet eld of assembly search so compilation it into a clear formatting. Erst a canonical timeline was conventional so photos, maps, and over-the-counter documents were analyzed to make the practical rendering.

The practical surroundings was created in Fighting Worlds. Alive Worlds is a pop practical schmoose and amusement program that was get-go released in the recent 1990’s. The rationality it was elect was because of its simpleness of use and tangible metre capabilities.

A enceinte undercoat map was low created inside the package based off of firing indemnity maps, townsite maps, and early uncommitted information. Formerly that was in berth, photos were secondhand to remodel the major buildings such as those shown hither. For buildings that didn’t sustain photos, staple replicas were constructed based on buildings of the metre chassis institute in former nearby towns.

This created the staple model. Extra details were added in posterior, such as the trees, mass, speck effects, vocalise effects, and physics engines. These effects produce a sentience of the existent earth.

The archetype old townspeople was sculptural to plate based on maps and photos of the archetype buildings. The country encompasses approximately 10 blocks on Broadway, functional from Hulsey to Hopkins. Realised terminated a class of two days, this is the near precise practical interpretation of an old townspeople in the part. Every exertion was made to be as exact as potential.

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